"I Need to Train First" Training Course

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Are you thinking about taking a concealed handgun training course to get your carry permit, or perhaps considering entering into a pistol competition for your first time, or really considering beginning any new chapter of your shooting journey, but a little voice in the back of your head keeps telling you "I need to practice first?"

If that sounds familiar, this course was literally made for you. We'll cover everything you need to know about being a safe and responsible gun owner, as well as hone your marksmanship skills so you can embark on your next shooting adventure with confidence.  


This is a one-day (6-7 hours) pistol course that will cover the basics of safe weapon handling, firearm care and maintenance, and provide a solid foundation of pistol manipulations such as draws, reloads, and clearing malfuctions, as well as marksmanship fundamentals.


This course will be held at:

DCK Training Facility 

16112 Bobby Rd

Manor, TX 78653


Class will begin at 9:00am on Saturday, October 28th, 2023. Please do not arrive with a loaded firearm. We ask that you present your pistol unloaded in a case or holster.


What to bring:

A semi-automatic pistol (we do not allow revolvers at this time)

A serviceable holster that fits your pistol. Concealed or open carry holsters are both acceptable. For safety reasons, shoulder holsters, crossdraw holsters, ankle holsters, or any other holster that will cause your pistol to be pointed at any other participant on the range will NOT be allowed.

300 rounds of ammunition for your pistol. For safety reasons, no reloads will be allowed. Reputable remanufactured ammunition may be allowed at the discretion of the lead instructor. 

A minimum of 2 magazines for your pistol. We reccommend 3-4 magazines.

Eye and ear protection (prescription eyeware is acceptable)

Water for the day, we reccomend 3-4 quarts per person.


Reccommended Items

At least one magazine pouch. Carrying your extra magazine in your pocket is acceptable but not reccomended.

Sack lunch or snacks. We will be taking a 30-45 minute lunch break. 

Lawnchair or camp chair

Speed loader

Note taking material



October 14th:
Manor, TX