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A one-day (8-9 hours) course that strengthens fundamentals, refines the mechanics of pistol handling, and sharpens the defensive mindset necessary for citizen who exercise their 2nd Amendment right to carry a firearm. This course is for those who are familiar with their pistol and basic firearms safety procedures and want to take their skills to the next level; making marksmanship fundamentals second nature.

You will be refreshed on the mechanical operation of your firearm so that you understand why marksmanship fundamentals and mechanics of weapons handling matter. You will be trained on drills that isolate the four fundamentals of marksmanship so that you can self-diagnose and correct deficiencies in your skill, and trained on efficient movement for mechanics of pistol handling such as draws, reloads, and clearing stoppages.

By the end of this course, you will have been given the tools you need to advance your skills from basic, rudimentary knowledge, to informed competence.

If you are unfamiliar with the basics of operating a pistol, or the basics of safe weapons handling, it is highly recommended that you attend a basic pistol course before attending this course.


What to bring:

What to bring:

A semi-automatic pistol (we do not allow revolvers at this time)

A serviceable concealed carry holster that fits your pistol. For safety reasons, shoulder holsters, crossdraw holsters, ankle holsters, or any other holster that will cause your pistol to be pointed at any other participant on the range will NOT be allowed. We reccomend a kydex or leather holster carried at the appendix (front of your waistband) or hip position.

400 rounds of ammunition for your pistol. For safety reasons, no reloads will be allowed. Reputable remanufactured ammunition may be allowed at the discretion of the lead instructor. 

A minimum of 2 magazines for your pistol. We reccommend 3-4 magazines.

Eye and ear protection (prescription eyeware is acceptable)

Water for the day, we reccomend 3-4 quarts per person.