Nebraska Defensive Pistol

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This training course is for those who wish to take their basic skills and knowledge of pistol shooting to the next level. Are you confident in your shooting abilities but just get the feeling you could be better but you don't know where to start? This course will help you identify any deficiencies in your fundamentals and handling, and give you the tools you need to correct them to make yourself into a more complete gunfighting legend. 

Although safe handling habits and basic knowledge of your pistol are indispensable standards which will be implimented in all of our courses, this course will only quickly review those practices before diving into advanced application of weapon fundamentals and manipulations. Most defensive situations aren't going to be anything like a flat-range on a nice spring day; we will take you out of your comfort zones and train you to respond to many situations that may arise in such scenarios, such as moving and shooting, use of cover, response to weapon stoppages and malfuctions, and self care in the event you are wounded. 


If you are a new or less experienced shooter, it is highly reccomended that you attend a class that teaches basic safe handling and marksmanship fundamentals before attending this class.